War Declared On The Elites- Fuck Them All

I am fed up with the Elites. FUCK them all. 

I want you to understand how this works. 

The Elites, and yes there are different levels, 

They make money off of people like you and me. 

They take advantage of us, they use us, and they even brainwash us. 

While you are at your job, slaving away for the man, 

the MAN, a fucking elite, is on his yacht somewhere, hitting golf balls into the ocean and might even be lighting his cigar with a hundred dollar bill


How does that make you feel?

Do you think this is fair?

Do you think this greedy stingy piece of shit deserves to live like this off of your hard work?

Think about it

where you work, at the top, there is some rich bastard who is doing probably NOTHING, but is making a lot more than you. 

Is that not true? 



It took me 15 years, starting over a dozen businesses, and listening to 2-3 hours of self-improvement a day for over a decade to break free. and I declare to the world, as god as my witness I will do everything in my power to help as many people as possible get as rich as they possibly can. 

I declare to the world I will take as many people from the bottom as I can and bring them straight to the top. 

I want you to join in my journey. You can learn all the secrets of the rich, and you can get started here.