He stole is wife's jewelry and sold it... (incredible true story)

There was this man who had a dream and it caused him to steel his wife's jewelry and sell it

You may know this man, this is his story:

This man's dream was to become an actor...

He just need deep inside his heart he wanted to be in the movie business

So he started taking action to get into the movies and went to meet with different agents

And hee was thrown out of more than 1500 agents office's back to back in new York

There are not even 1500 agents office’s in new york

But he was thrown out of the same ones over and over again

but he didn't give up

he knew what he wanted and he went for it

He would freeze when he went home because he couldn't afford heat in his apartment

Him and his wife got in these harsh fights because she thought he was crazy...

But he still didn't give up

Well it eventually got so bad that he sold his wife's jewelry...

And once she found out that was basically the end of the relationship

The only thing he had left was his dog which he loved...

He eventually had to sell his dog because he couldn't afford to feed him

He sold his dog for $25...

He walked away from that situation and cried

It was the lowest point of his life

This person's name?

Sylvester Stallone the guy who plays Rocky

He ended up buying his dog back for $25,000 and now has a net worth of 400 MILLION DOLLARS

It doesn't matter where you are in life or how bad you have it

As long as you keep pursuing you can become anyone you want to, and make however much money you want to make

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